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A State of Copper is a new addition to the shop this season, and boy are we glad we can partner with them! An instant best seller and it's not hard to tell why. These copper creations are not only one-of-a-kind, but made with such detail and precision that you just can't look away. Read more about how A State of Copper came to be and get the inside scoop of how these beautiful pieces are created. 

A State of Copper

"We constructed a copper and stone bar in our Michigan log cabin. We wanted to hang an appropriate piece of art to complete the project. Our desire was to make an image of the Great Lakes on the leftover copper." says Alex, creator and artist behind A State of Copper. 
"Not wanting to re-invent the wheel, we searched but were unable to find any tutorials on the internet, or any evidence of a company or of an individual who has ever done anything like this. So... we invented our own process." A State of Copper was then born. 

Their copper pieces are not laser cut outs either, but rather all signed-original pieces of Copper Art. How cool is that? The process in which to create a piece consists of 42(!) steps including various natural acids being combined and a crystal clear resin application once the desired look is achieved. This halts the possibility of further oxidation and protects your copper artwork for future generations. Which means you'll be able to marvel for years and even pass it along through your family tree making this piece of art a true family heirloom.

It clear to see that these pieces will be a great addition to any home or cabin, and what's even better is the various sizes they come in. So whether your home or cabin is small or large - we have the right size for you. A State of Copper artworks are available in the shop or online at

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