Biking on Mackinac Island

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It's getting closer and closer to the time where Mackinac Island will start to come alive for the 2020 season! With Opening Day and The First Day of Spring approaching, here are some of the best bike rides to do once you're on Mackinac Island this spring! 

1. Bike up to Fort Holmes: You cannot beat the view of the Mackinac Bridge and the Great Lakes from the top of Mackinac Island at Fort Holmes! Bike up to the fort for unbelievable views and photo opportunities. 

2. Bike around Mackinac Island: There is something special about biking around Mackinac Island in the spring, when the roads are clear of the busyness of summer. It almost feels like you are the only one on Mackinac Island!

3. Bike to British Landing: This spot will be quieter in the spring and the Cannonball won't be open yet, but biking over to British Landing can be a peaceful trek. Remember your high school history class as you imagine what it would have been like to be part of the British Landing all those years ago.

4. Bike to the Airport via East Bluff: This bike ride is a staff favorite at Canvas and Paddle! Bike up to East Bluff - look out to see the Great Lakes, Mission Point and the beautiful houses along East Bluff. After East Bluff, cut over to Leslie Avenue. This path is beautiful all year long - no matter what the season. With a narrow path and small rolling hills, this path will become one of your favorites too! Leslie Avenue leads right to the Mackinac Island Airport! Sit still for a while and watch the airplanes come and go, before starting your ride back home to Main Street!

These are some of the bike rides that our staff at Mackinac Island loves. We know that we can't wait to get back to the island for all these fun bike rides this spring! 

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