Canvas and Paddle Winter Picnic

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Canvas and Paddle Winter Picnic

February 2nd, Groundhog Day, marked the official halfway point of the winter season being over. If you are anything like our staff, you can’t wait to get outside this spring! The weather will be warm and biking around the island sounds like the best idea in the world. But since there is still a long winter ahead, doesn’t a winter picnic sound like the perfect way to break the indoor monotony?

Hop in the car, head to your favorite state park, bundle up and get ready for an adventure! Take a hike, snowshoe or cross-country ski while working up an appetite for your savory meal that you’ve prepared for you and friends! Once you have successfully spent some time in the fresh winter air, settle in to eat a warm winter meal, al fresco.

Build a fire to stay cozy and warm while eating your carefully packed meal. For appetizers, bring a cheese board packed with fresh cheeses, meats and crackers. If you’re on the Island, pop into Doud’s Market for the perfect supply of just what you will need to make this charcuterie board. We recommend hot chili, stored in a Vintage Thermos, corn bread and mulled wine or hot apple cider, stored in a second thermos. After your warm, filling meal, roast marshmallows over the fire, paired with graham crackers and chocolate for the perfect winter s’more.

Some items from Canvas and Paddle that will be perfect accompaniments to your outdoor winter adventure:

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When you’ve finished this winter picnic, tag #CPandme for Canvas and Paddle followers to see how it went! For more ideas to complete the perfect outdoor picnic, visit Canvas and Paddle’s Pinterest Page!

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