Favorite Cabin Memories

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Mackinac Island

Growing up, you have that special place that feels like home. That you can’t quite put into words, but it’s extremely special to you. You would go there with your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Typically, in the summer or over holidays you would wake up feeling like you were in the best spot in the world. When thinking of favorite memories from days gone by, the only thing that pops into one’s mind is that of cabin memories. We all have them, and they come up every so often, especially when a sight, smell or feeling triggers our minds. 

When thinking about Canvas and Paddle, it’s the same kind of feeling. The kind of feeling that brings us back to days gone by. Nostalgic feelings, comfortable feelings, warm feelings. It’s the feeling of a place or a time that you miss and that you desperately want to go back to. It’s the cabin type of memories that you hope to pass down to your children one day, that they will share the same love of the cabin with you.

 Favorite cabin memories can mean waking up and hitting the pontoon boat with all your cousins. Cabin memories can be karaoke and magic shows by the fire until wee hours of the morning. Cabin memories can be pillow fights and s’mores, early morning fishing and late-night swimming. 

Whatever your cabin memories happen to be, the goal of Canvas and Paddle is to help bring it back for you. To remind you of days gone by, so that you can pass down those days to a newer generation. Next time you are on Mackinac Island, pop into Canvas and Paddle. It’s the one spot in the bustling center of town that will bring you back with a subtle elegance to days gone by, life’s most basic and simple pleasure: where we find ourselves living in the present with all the sentimental feelings of the past. 

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