Favorite Trails on Mackinac

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M-185 is the only interstate in the ENTIRE country to ban automobiles.

When cars were first invented, they came to the island. But in 1898, they were banded to protect the way of life on Mackinac Island. 

Bikes play such an incredibly important role on Mackinac Island, as the main way of transportation for most people.

Have you adventured much on Mackinac? Here are a few of our favorite trails! 

Leslie Avenue: Start at Arch Rock and follow to trail to the Mackinac Island Airport!

Garrison Road: Have you been into the middle of the Island? Go up Fort Hill, to Garrison Road - which turns into British Landing Road. This drops you right out by British Landing and is a great way to get across the island - without going on M-185 across the island. 

Rifle Range Road: Want to visit Fort Holmes and Skull Cave? Access both by starting at Arch Rock and heading to Rifle Range Road! 

We love taking an afternoon bike ride across the island and exploring all the different inside roads! 


Next time you’re on the Island, be sure to take a few hours and explore something new! 

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