Greany Grove

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Greany GroveGreany Grove

Today we’re sharing about Greany Grove on Mackinac Island!

Did you know that every season, different Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops come to work at Fort Mackinac and stay in the Barracks on the Fort grounds? 

The program all started in 1929 with eight Eagle Scouts and has grown from there. In 1975, the first Girl Scout Troops were welcomed into the program! Before he was President, Gerald R. Ford served as a guide at Fort Mackinac and as the Michigan “Governor’s Honor Guard”. 

Greany Grove, which is located on the East Bluff, near Fort Mackinac is in honor of William C. Greany, who helped make the programs for Scout Troops possible! 

“The sign reads: From 1923 to 1970, William C. Greany, “The Major”, was Scoutmaster of the Detroit Area Council Troop 194. In 1938 he was appointed Special Eagle Scout Service Camp and for 30 years played a significant role in developing the summer program. He wrote The Mackinac Manual, that remains a basic guide for troops serving at Mackinac. After 50 years of continuous service, the Scouts of Troop 194, built this gathering place in his honor. It is a place of celebration, mediation, and memories for all counts serving the park.”

Read more about how Scout Troops are involved at the Fort, head over to the Mackinac State Historic Parks Blog here:

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