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Today we are highlighting the Top 10 Instagram accounts that we are loving this winter!

These accounts are keeping us feeling adventurous amidst the cold but yet cozy by the fire! These accounts are some of our favorites to follow year round - they feature Michigan accounts and beyond! 


MackinacIsle: Of course, you have to follow the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau for all of the information on what’s happening on the Island! During the winter, they share awesome posts from the summer to remind you of the warm and sunny days that are coming!


GreenDrinks: Sara is a Mackinac Island based photographer who shares her year round adventures of living on Mackinac Island. It’s fun to follow her each season to get look into what happens on the island from the view point of a resident.


AwesomeMitten: This account captures photographers who are catching some awesome shots around our great state of Michigan! You will see incredible shots from every place in Michigan and also probably find a few new accounts to follow as a result of people who love this great state just as much as you do!


NathanaelBillings: This is a photographer based in Seattle, Washington. He shares awesome content of adventures out west - bucket list adventures for those of us in the midwest where there are not mountains!


DirtandGlass: This account is always sharing adventures in different cabins and lodges all around the world! Each new spot looks cozy, inviting and has us making our bucket list a little bit longer with each of their posts!


TheAdventureProject: This account inspires us to get outside and explore! The content and adventures on this account are unreal! This fall, they were sharing a trip to Alaska under the Northern Lights - we’re wanting to pack pack our bags NOW for that kind of travel!


Pure Michigan: Michigan has an incredible account to follow for all the adventure happening over the state. They will help you stay up to date on all events and also give you inspiration for new spots to visit.


MichiganSkyMedia: Enjoy shots of Michigan from a bird’s eye view with this account filled with inspiring drone shots!


Mark_O_Foto: Mark is based in South East Michigan and takes awesome adventures throughout the state! Enjoy some of his travels by following along his account - we know you’ll be adding some of his stops to your 2020 Michigan Bucket List!


Michigan Addicts: Husband and Wife couple, Joey and Jessica, run this account that captures the essence of what it means to explore all over Michigan! We love this account and find ourselves drawn there for inspiration admist the winter blues.


We hope you enjoyed seeing who we are loving following this winter. We definitely have expanded our Bucket List of places we want to explore this year. Tell us - who are your favorite accounts to follow? 

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