Labor Day Cocktail Recipes

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Happy Saturday! 

Hopefully you are spending this long Labor Day weekend with friends and family outside at your family cabin, backpacking or on the water! In need of a fun cocktail recipe for the weekend? Here’s what we’re drinking this weekend!

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12 oz. Beer

1.5 oz. Whiskey

  1. Fill up a pint glass with a beer or your choice

  2. Pour whiskey in a shot glass

  3. Mix the two & enjoy - simple as that!


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Ramazzotti & Black Cherry Soda

2 oz. Ramazzotti Amaro

Black Cherry Soda

Brandied Cherry

  1. Fill up a highball glass with ice.

  2. Add Ramazzotti

  3. Top with Black Cherry Soda

  4. Mix & Add a cherry to the top

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Lynchburg Lemonade

2 oz. Tennessee Whiskey

.75 oz. Triple Sec

.25 oz. Simple Syrup

.25 oz. Lime Juice


  1. Mix Whiskey, Triple Sec and Lime Juice to shaker with ice.

  2. Shake and strain into a pint glass, already filled with ice.

  3. Top with Lemonade and enjoy!

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All of these cocktail recipes are so easy, but sure to impress your friends and family on this long weekend. Let us know what you think, or what your favorite drink is to enjoy on this holiday weekend! 

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