Mackinac Island 2021 Bucket List

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We're so excited for our Summer on Mackinac Island!  The weather is finally starting to be a little bit nicer, with sunny skies and puffy white clouds! We are excited to welcome in another great season on the island. Here is our Summer Bucket List!
1.Bike Around Mackinac Island. Our goal is to bike around Mackinac as often as possible!
2. Watch the Sunset at Sunset Rock. This is a beautiful spot to visit any time of the day, but we especially love it during golden hour!
3. Kayak Around Mackinac. Sunrise or Sunset Kayak Tour with Great Turtle Kayak Tours are an incredible experience! They last about two hours and these tours are beginner friendly and will help you see some amazing sights on Mackinac Island via the water! 
4. Hike the Trails on Mackinac. Did you know that there are over 140 miles of roads and trails on the island that is only 8.2 miles around? Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau offers a great map to help you explore all the trails! 
5. See the Northern Lights. A great spot to the the Northern Lights is Fort Holmes! Head up there to try and catch the amazing phenomenon! They only happen on specific nights, so watch the weather forecast!
6. Have a Picnic at Marquette Park. Grab dinner from Doud's Market and enjoy a picnic in the park after a fun day of exploring!
What is on your summer bucket list? This is ours and we are so excited to get exploring! 

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