Mackinac Island State Park

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Did you know that Mackinac Island State Park was Michigan’s first state park? Before it was a state park, it was a national park - being the nation’s second national park! The Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau has a lot more information on this on their website, here!

Mackinac Island State Park has over 70 miles of trails and roads for you to explore by bike, horseback or foot. The most traveled trail on the Island is M-185, the 8.2 loop that goes around Mackinac Island. 

Some of our staff make it their goal each year to go on every single trail possible over the course of their time spent on the island. But, once you find your favorite trail, it’s hard to keep exploring the new ones. If you ask many of the staff, they may say their favorite trail is Leslie Avenue. Leslie Avenue can be accessed by starting at Arch Rock and then going towards the Mackinac Island Airport. Sitting on the picnic tables near the airport can be a very peaceful spot to relax for an afternoon. 

We’re curious, when you’ve been exploring Mackinac Island State Park, what has your favorite trail been? 

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