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Stormy Kromer
Stormy Kromer
Shots from Stormy Kromer 
Here, at Canvas and Paddle, we are passionate about the outdoors - life at the cabin, the lake, the lodge - your happy place. 
On of our partners lines that focus on the necessities and wants for the adventurer and the one who is passionate about life up north is Stormy Kromer.  Today, we wanted to take a little bit of time to tell you more about why we love Stormy Kromer! 
Stormy Kromer has been around for over 100 years and is a proven and trusted brand by men and women all over the United States, but especially in the Midwest where the winters are the harshest.
In 1903, George “Stormy” Kromer was working as a semi-pro baseball player and a railroad engineer. He was exposed to the elements, because his had kept on blowing away! His wife, Ida, worked to fix that by sewing in an ear band. That worked! It kept his ears and head warm and stopped blowing away!
Today, Stormy Kromer has expanded to not just carry hats, but to carry hats, coats, blankets, shirts, vests, dog coats and so much more!
In March 2020 when the pandemic first hit, Stormy Kromer worked tirelessly to help with the mask shortage, doing all they could to produce as may masks as possible.
We’re so happy to work with such a staple and Midwest icon. We hope that you’ll give their products a try - we know you won’t regret it. You’ll end up buying Stormy Kromer products for life! 

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