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Fall Favorites

Adventure Fall on Mackinac Fort Holmes Get Outside Hiking Hiking on Mackinac Leslie Avenue Mackinac Mackinac Bucket List Mackinac Island Michigan Michigan Bucket List Michigan Dark Sky Parks Michigan State Parks Petoskey State Park Pond Hill Farms

What is your favorite thing to do in the fall? If we had to choose a favorite thing to do each fall, it would be taking a walk outside in the crisp fall air, looking at all the leaves changing! A few of our favorite places to take fall walks are: Pond Hill Farms: They have great walking trails in the back of their property that make for great spots to see the leaves! There are so many colors to observe that it makes for a beautiful and peaceful walk in the woods. Leslie Avenue: We’ve written about Leslie Avenue before, how...

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Michigan Fall Getaways

Adventure Cabin Get Outside Getaway Michigan Michigan Camping Michigan State Parks

It’s been a crazy summer, with things being way different than ever  before! Along with the changes, people have been handling summer vacation plans in new ways!  If you’re looking for a last minute getaway for the fall, here are some fun and creative ideas for escaping! Porcupine Mountains Wilderness Yurts Shot from: Have you ever stayed in a yurt before? The circular shapes of yurts are to help keep the wind pressure to a minimum! The yurts in the Porcupine Mountains come with beds, stoves, but they don’t have water or electricity, so you still have that camping feel...

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Unexpected Adventure Time

Adventure Biking Get Outside Michigan Michigan State Parks Michigan Winter

  Things look a little differently today compared to the last few weeks. We’re taking this time to reflect on our blessing, of holding those we love close and thinking of those in need. We’ve been busy this week with board games and puzzles from the shop (have you tried the Michigan puzzle we have in the shop? It is SO fun!) and also maybe building a blanket fort or two from some of these vintage blankets.  Recently, we saw a post mentioning how loving those we care about, spending time outside and taking care of ourselves is the perfect...

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Northern Lights in Michigan

Adventure Dark Sky Parks Michigan Michigan Bucket List Michigan Dark Sky Parks Michigan State Parks Michigan Winter Northern Lights Up North

Did you know that sometimes you can see the Northern Lights on Mackinac Island?  There are a total of 10 Dark Sky Parks in the United States and less than 200 in the entire world - and one of the Dark Sky Parks is across from Mackinac Island, outside of Mackinaw City named Headlands International Dark Sky Park.  Key months to see the the Northern Lights in Michigan are August - April, with peak months being April, October and November. You will need a clear night, with limited light pollution. That’s why Mackinaw City / Mackinac Island are such great...

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Exploring Kitch-iti-kipi

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Remember our blog post about our 2020 Michigan Bucket List? Today, we are talking about #2 on the list: visiting Kitch-iti-kipi! This is the most beautiful natural spring in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan! If you have kids, they will love to go across the spring on the glass bottomed boat, looking at all the fish!  Kitch-iti-kipi is 200 feet across and 40 feet deep! Interestingly enough, the spring never freezes, because it remains at 45 degrees all year long, no matter what the air temperature is! There is a glass bottom raft that sits on top of the spring...

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