Unexpected Adventure Time

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Things look a little differently today compared to the last few weeks. We’re taking this time to reflect on our blessing, of holding those we love close and thinking of those in need. We’ve been busy this week with board games and puzzles from the shop (have you tried the Michigan puzzle we have in the shop? It is SO fun!) and also maybe building a blanket fort or two from some of these vintage blankets. 

Recently, we saw a post mentioning how loving those we care about, spending time outside and taking care of ourselves is the perfect way to look at this time we are currently living in. 

Now more than ever, we have time to be outside, take in nature and explore places that have always been on our list (but that we’ve been too busy to actually go see).

We know that we need to stick close to home, so we are exploring local trails and paths in Northern Michigan.

Tell us, where are you exploring during this time? Share your pictures with the hashtag #CPandme for us to follow along on your adventure! 

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