Winter Camping

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Winter Camping

Winter can seem endless, but a lot of outdoors men and women don’t let a little cold weather / snow stand in their way of camping! Winter camping is popular in all parts of Northern Michigan, but there are a few spots that are favorites:

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Park: This is a cool spot (literally!) to see ice pancakes and beautiful winter scenes. Camping is allowed throughout the park. Sources claim that Chapel Loop is the best spot, which is a 10.4 mile loop.

Porcupine Mountains: If you want to go camping, but not have the full outdoor experience of camping, try staying in a yurt! A yurt is typically a circular tent held up with a frame. In the Porcupine Mountains, a yurt comes equipped with bunk beds, mattresses, a wood stove, fire circle, axe, bow saw and cooking and eating utensils.

Tahquamenon Falls: The falls have miles and miles of hiking, cross country skiing, snowmobiling and more! If you’ve never been to this spot in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, it’s a must see. In the past, there have even been dog sled races, so inquire to see if they will be happening when you are in town.  

One thing to note, you never know what can happen in a Michigan winter, especially when camping in a Michigan winter! Make sure that you do extensive research on where you are going and what items you will want to pack. A few fun items from Canvas and Paddle that we think you should take along include:

For more ideas of items that you could take on your winter camping adventure, click here to view our shop! For inspiration and tips for the safe and fun way to winter camp, visit our Pinterest board here! 

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