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Mackinac Island Winter

It seems like winter will never end all over Michigan and Mackinac Island is no different! While there are no cars on the island, the roads still must be kept clear for other modes of transportation. Some people say that the average snowfall Mackinac Island gets each year is 94 inches, while the United State’s average snowfall is just 26 inches. That should give you a good idea of how buried Mackinac Island is under snow during winter.

Currently, the ice bridge is open and used to get back and forth from Mackinac Island to the mainland. While this is never a safe way of transportation, it is a way that many people utilize during the winter months. The only other way on / off the island right now is via airplane.

Recently, Mackinac Island had its annual Winter Festival, which benefits MIRD (Mackinac Island Recreational Development). The weekend was full of fun outdoor activities including sledding, snow golf, snow volleyball and more! There were of course warm fires to keep everyone warm in between the winter games.

Few shops are open, but Doud’s Market is keeping everyone well fed and from going hungry! Because of how intense of a winter Mackinac Island is having, there were four days when the plane didn’t fly and no one / nothing was leaving or coming to the island! If you placed an order from Canvas and Paddle or Little Luxuries during that time, it was probably a little delayed, due to the perilous weather situation. After the storm, there were days and days of mail finally delivered to the island, which made it feel a little like Christmas!

Spring seems to be trying to creep in, slowly. Before too long, you’ll be on Mackinac Island, welcomed back for your Summer 2019 vacation. When you’re on the island this summer, imagine it covered in 96 inches of snow. Maybe even consider coming back via airplane over the winter to participate in the Winter Festival and see what life is like on Mackinac during the winter.

Mackinac Island Winter

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